Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 18: 2 Samuel 4-5

We blast forward today with our reading. Keep up the pace, we are almost finished. Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 4-5

Chapter 4:
David fought many battles and was responsible for the deaths of many people in those battles. Despite this reality, David was all about justice being served. He would not stand for injustice. These acts of injustice served to fuel him taking justice back into his own hands by avenging the deaths of those done wrong, even if they were his enemies. This made me think to myself: do I care that much for justice to be served? I'm not talking simply criminal justice, I wonder if I care that much about those being mistreated, abused, ran-over, and treated unfairly in all types of situations? What about you?

Chapter 5:
David is finally anointed the king over all of Israel. He has watched as Saul fumbled through being king, yet he never tried to take the kingdom for himself. He has been anointed to be king now since he was a teenager. He's been the king of Judah for 7 years, now at 30 years old, he's THE KING. When I read this passage God encourages my heart. I want to serve and be as influential as I can with this short life I have been given. I want my life to be used to the fullest capacity imaginable. David essentially waited close to ten years or more to become king, even after he has been anointed by Samuel. It just reminds me that there is a process that must be endured as we live in between the promise and the payoff. I turn 29 years old next week and it makes me put myself in David's shoes. I would be king next year had I been David. It makes me think that perhaps my ministry season has not even truly started yet, maybe the real influence is just ahead. I just have to be patient.

What stood out to you? Heads up: tomorrow is perhaps two of my favorite chapters from this series, be sure to read and post, I want to hear your thoughts.


  1. Love Erik's take away about caring enough for others...

    My biggest take away: Ch.5 v.10
    David became greater b/c the Lord was w/ him Just a reminder to me that it is only with Him that we become greater...

  2. I'm in checklist mode today, so excuse my bulleted approach! ;)

    • How did the tribes know of God’s promises to David? This is curious to me.
    • Wow. King at 30. So many young people think they are too young to lead or to make a huge impact. One of the greatest kings in history was a mere 30. Yet another example that when God decides He’s going to use someone, get out of the way of yourself! Not by strength, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.
    • Verse 10 says, “And he became more and more powerful, because the LORD God Almighty was with him.” Man! Makes me want to abide in my Father’s presence even more. Who doesn’t want that statement said about them? Not for ego, rather to be able to move God’s initiatives forward!
    • Verse 13 and the addition of concubines and wives: I’m still irritated with this. God made “Adam and Eve,” not “Adam and Eve AND Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee” and all the other Jewish around the way girls. I understand humans sin, but where is the verse that said, “and this made the Lord sad?”
    • My final thought is how clearly David heard God’s voice. Like he knew exactly how to attack the Phillistines. He follows, bam! He’s victorious. I’ve had times where his instruction is literally so clear he might as well be standing in front of me saying it. Most of the time, though, it’s just not. David sought after God relentlessly, however. What a lesson for us all, especially me.

  3. Heritage !!! Heritage !!!

    Always a long list of who was kin to who. There is importance to learn of one's heritage when it comes to following the Lord. Did you come from that long line of servants of the Lord in your family? If not then start it with you own. So when your children's children look back...they will see the heritage of the Lord in their lineage

    Yes to the idea of justice !

    David had spent so much time in preparation,,yet he accomplished more than most men in those years than some do in 80 years.

    Now he has 40 more years of service to the King of kings!