Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 25: 2 Samuel 18-19

Welcome back. Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 18-19

Chapter 18:
This is a sad chapter. Absalom had what was coming to him; after all, he was outside of God's will. The fact still remains that he was David's son and this caused great distress for David. I felt bad for David as we get to in many watch him receive the news that his son has been killed. It didn't matter if his son was trying to take his throne, his love for Absalom outweighed his desire to be king. Also, I'm ticked off at Joab for taking things into his own hands instead of doing as David asked. I'm sure he has his coming soon.

Chapter 19:
Joab was a wise military leader, but terribly too big for his own pants. The way he talked to David in this passage may have been true, but it was completely inappropriate. David is still the LORD's anointed and he just lost his son. Joab is completely insensitive to this and tells David to snap out of it. The funny thing is: David does it. I see David the strong mighty warrior beginning to become a very passive type king. This is not the David we read of earlier. It is a little disappointing.

What were your thoughts?


  1. David has seem to become very passive....he pretty much has done nothing but gone down hill since his affair with Bathesheba(sp?).

    It's a great reminder of what 1 sin can lead to...and how it can become a downward spiral in your life if left unchecked.

  2. I just feel very sad after reading all of this. I want to see the old David abiding in God. The closeness. If I feel this sad, I wonder how sad God felt then.

  3. Davids love for his son was so strong that he wanted the best for him even though he was trying to overthrow the true kingdom. That is amazing to me and I think it can be a parallel to how Gods love for us is even when we are completely going against His will. I think that at any point if his son would have stopped what he was doing and repented that David would have excepted him. David longed for Absalom to do the right thing because he couldn't help but love him. God loves us like that. The bible talks about the fact that He takes no pleasure in our punishment. Sin causes death and decay. Sometimes its just cause and effect and not even that its necessarily a punishment for doing wrong though God does sometimes discipline those He loves. I don't know about you but this kind of love makes me want to do better. I think that Jesus when He died for us while we were yet His enemies was displaying this kind of love in action towards us. But some will be like Absalom and go their entire life fighting against Jesus

  4. Those are really great thoughts everyone. Jonathon, your point about God's love for us even when we are outside His will is a great take-away from David's actions.

  5. It is the cry of David that stood out to me. " O my son Absalom, my son, Absalom! Would I have died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!

    Regardless of the depth of sin, God's love is overwhelming.

    For Hr came in the flesh and died for us