Thursday, July 3, 2008

Three Areas Where God is Growing Me

God is definitely growing me. There are areas in my leadership where I feel God wants me to stretch and grow. Here are the three areas that God is asking me to stretch myself:

1. Let Him build His church. The Scriptures say that unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain. They also tell us that Christ is the Head of the church; he is building his church. I have to continue to trust God and let him be the builder. This means I can't force things. I can't get ahead of God. It means I have to let the church go in directions that "I" wouldn't have taken it. I have to let God be God.

2. Trusting that He has placed me into this position. This may sound strange, but if I don't trust that God placed me in this position, my tendency will be to fight to keep it. If I fail to realize that God has placed me, I will lead out of pride and fear. If I fail to recognize why I'm in this position, I will focus my time on how to stay in this position. By not trusting God in this matter, I will lead from a position of defending my decisions, always having to be right, and not trusting others in leadership. I have to trust God has put me here.

3. I can't lead people to go somewhere I'm not willing to go first. If I'm going to call people to radical devotion to Christ, I have to have radical devotion to Christ. I can't ask people to surrender everything to him, if I'm not willing to surrender everything to him. I have to model everything that I want others to do. That includes: time with God, the way I treat people, the conversations I'm engaging with, what I do with my money, what I do with my family, and what I do with my life. I'm always weary of not living up to the standard required of a godly leader. This drives me to my knees.

These are some areas where God is growing me. I could probably list more, but these stand out. What are some areas where God is growing you? It is important as followers of Jesus to be able to take a good self-inventory of how you are doing. If you think you are doing fine, you may want to ask someone else to do an inventory on you. The stakes are too high to not be engaged at the deepest levels.

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