Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Counter Act from the Last Post

So the last post in my opinion was something that people in our culture can not relate to. I don't want to be highly critical of anyone doing God's work, I just wonder how effective he is to the lost??

Check out the below video and see if there is not a distinctly different approach and vibe, and yet still ministry. Who knows, perhaps we could see something like this at The Journey one day?

Thanks to Pete Wilson for me seeing this.

Word of advice, after you hit play, click and grab the timer and keep it in place. The video will skip repeatedly if you don't let it load.

'Send Me' - Live at MHC | Ballard from Mars Hill Church on Vimeo.


  1. The guy playing guitar looks a little like JG.

  2. Hey I can play guitar better than that guy! I am also cuter than that guy! Good video!