Saturday, July 26, 2008

Football Season Approaches

I wanted to post something on a little bit of a lighter note this morning. It is Saturday morning and it is starting to feel like College Football season. There is that aroma in the air welcoming in tailgate parties, fight songs, and the sound of pads colliding. I can't wait for both college and NFL football to start up.

I'm a huge Tennessee Volunteer fan. I love the Titans as well. Here is my question for you all: what are you a bigger fan of college or NFL? For the ladies who read this blog: are you a "can't stand football season" girl or a "bring it on" kind of girl?

Regardless of league, it is ALMOST football time in Tennessee!


  1. Can't wait for football season!!! The countdown has already begun at our house. I think I'm more of a guy than girl when it comes to football! LOVE college football, like NFL.... GO GATORS!!!!

  2. Go Gators??? I thought about removing this comment from the site, but decided to let it slide for this time...I think you meant GO VOLS!!! :-)