Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meetings Galore

I have been in meetings all day today.

My first meeting was this morning with our future campus pastors at The Journey. I am excited about their growth and the adventure that lies ahead of them. We are reading and discussing 'Lead Like Jesus' right now - great book.

After that meeting I went to Hartsville to meet with the principal of Trousdale County High School. The principal was not interested in having an organization with exclusive rights to the building on a weekly basis. He was a nice guy, but I could tell the issue was something he wanted to avoid discussing. This is technically not his decision to make because it is a public facility, but I doubt we want to cause a stir in a town we are going to minister in. I had some conversation with him and thanked him for his time.

I then went to the school board and met the Superintendent. I had a great conversation with him and he wants to get back together and discuss the posibilities of meeting at one of the schools in Hartsville. I still believe we will eventually land at the high school, it just may not be at my timing. It may not be our starting point, but our ending point?

My last meeting was with Craig Gleerup, published author of 'The Type of Marriage that Endures'. He was a great guy, plus he bought my lunch. He was a very humble man and offered great advice and suggestions about navigating through the whole book publishing process. He gave me some advice on dealing with publishers and marketing the book. Very helpful stuff.

I think I'm going to finish up some loose ends and call it a day.

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