Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fasting Growing Cities

Did you know that Mt Juliet just recently took it's place as the largest city in Wilson County. Lebanon is not very thrilled by this, but the "city between the lakes" has grown up. In fact, Mt Juliet is on America's fastest growing cities list. It ranks as the #83 fastest growing suburb in the country. LaVergne is ranked #61. There is no doubt about it, Middle Tennessee is a rapidly growing area of the country.

You may be asking why that matters or why I would post this. The answer is simple. As the church, we are in the business of reaching people. It should excite us that all these people are moving to our area. I personally believe that God wants to do something incredible here and He is preparing the assembly by bringing them in from around the country. I happen to think that He is preparing us for a tremendous opportunity to reach people with the gospel of Jesus and to ignite a movement. Is it coincidence that you live here, in this time, in this place? Perhaps God is orchestrating something beyond our wildest dreams. Let's keep our eyes on the mission of "making disciples" and we can't go wrong.

We are living in a place that people are flocking to. Perhaps their flocking to God and don't even know it.

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