Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Negativity in the Body of Christ

I want to pause and delay the series of post that I have been doing the last two days to highlight a couple of things. Something I have been noticing a lot of lately, and it is not new, is negativity in the Body of Christ -- toward each other. Just today I received another "friendly" email from someone who does not know me, but insists on telling me everything about what I believe and correcting me. I also had a meeting today with Chad Jordan, a new bud and guy who's family is checking out the Journey. Chad works a local organization that develops curriculum and resources for twenty-somethings. Chad was showing me his folder of "friendly" letters. He even received an email after I left today from someone completely dogging his efforts to create curriculum that is relevant to the audience they are seeking. He is criticized for the color of the paper and the pictures of paper-clips and blue-jeans...I'm not joking.

All of these people claim to follow Christ and claim to have the love of God in them; however, these people are taking time out of their day to tear-down other Christians, not seeking to reach non-Christians or uplift others. It happens inside of churches as well. We always assume the worst with people. We read into emails and conversations. We rarely seek to hear both sides of stories. We think people have something against us. We assume people are talking about us or don't like us. On and on it goes. The world will know that we are his disciples by our love for one another...I believe Jesus said that! I often wonder what kind of love we are truly displaying for the world to see?

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