Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I am truly emotionally and physically drained after what was an incredible two services at church today. As tired as I am, I am so satisfied and ecstatic about what God did in the lives of people. We had two full services today and it was great to see the enthusiasm of everyone following services.

As I sit and reflect on today, here is what brings a smile to my face:

* the awesome job of the people involved in the skit -- that includes everyone who was on the stage and everyone who worked the lighting and sound to ensure a smooth flow. That was the most powerful element we have ever had at The Journey and it was pulled off to perfection and with passion

* Todd Bates and Shawn Allen leading the Journey 101's today -- it is so freeing to believe in and trust other people to accurately communicate the vision and culture of The Journey to others. It allowed me to spend time meeting people and following up with others. Great job guys!

* Seeing the Rountree family ready for all that God wants to do through their leadership -- as a family they have made such an impact on my life and I know they are going to touch many others at the campus they are leading. May God bless their efforts and leadership.

* The worship team's sensitivity to what God is doing -- for the second straight week, Robbie has made the call to make an adjustment after the first service to try to make everything even better. They have done an amazing job of ushering in God's presence and creating an environment in which we are compelled to worship. By the way, 'Voice of Truth' special was phenomenal today!

* There were people in our audience today who heard the message of Christ for the first time ever -- today we had visitors in our church who haven't been at church in years, a few who have never been church ever! This tells us we are reaching the intended audience we desire to seek. Keep up the great work Journey people and continue inviting friends and family into the conversation.

* We have not seen anything yet -- I know I have said this before, if not every week, but I believe it with all my heart. There will soon be a day in which we will look back at these days and say to ourselves that we had no idea God could do that. Believe that! He desires to blow our minds in the days ahead.

It has been a great series. It has been fun to teach, even though it has been difficult. I pray that each of you have walked away empowered and prepared to live out the life you have been created for. Believe it or not, I am actually just as excited about our next teaching series coming up called: DNA - you'll see a sneak peak video next week.

Forward we go...fighting for the heart of our king!

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