Friday, July 11, 2008

This Weekend @ The Journey

I can't wait for Sunday. I'm so pumped about the next month of services that I am busting at the seems for them to arrive. This weekend I continue the War Zone series by unveiling the tactics and schemes of the enemy. I want to expose that sucker and his ways so that we can live in recognition of how he comes against us. The message came so quickly from God this week. I even have Week Three's sermon finished already. We have some tremendous creative elements coming in the week's ahead -- awesome stuff. Invite a friend or family member this Sunday. Come prepared to worship and praise God -- this pushes the enemy back. Come ready to hear from God. Come ready to receive new eyes to see how the enemy tries to attack you. I am praying for liberation and freedom for many this week.

We are also going to be announcing each week for the next three weeks of this series who our campus pastors are. We are going to highlight one each week. The week after my series we are going to have a slamming commissioning service. We will have communion, extended praise and worship, and commission these men as pastors.

God is at work at The Journey. Keep believing that He desires to blow our minds in the days ahead. It is time for a Jesus movement to be ignited in our age, in this place. Forward.

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