Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Night TV

I can't remember anymore what life was like without TIVO. Think about it, actually having to sit down at the exact time your favorite shows are coming on in order to see them, not anymore. Now we have the power to choose, we decide when we want to watch the shows we want. Our schedules are no longer confined to the boundaries of network television, we've regained control. However, I still find myself looking forward to Thursday nights. Two of my favorite shows come on on those nights, Lost and Eli Stone.

I love Lost for its continuous plot twists and lessons that can be learned about leadership. Even though I'm completely lost half of the time, I would not dare miss it. A new favorite of mine is the show Eli Stone. This show is about a lawyer who is a modern-day prophet. He has visions and dreams of people and situations that he must take on as cases in his law practice. He no longer approaches being a lawyer as a mark of prestige and ability to get rich, instead, he now sees it as the outlet for trying to fulfill these visions God is giving him. Oh yeah, he also has a brain aneurysm, so he is tossed back and forth between believing his is actually a prophet or suffering side-effects of his brain aneurysm.

I believe we all struggle with the dilemma of believing that God could actually use us to accomplish the work He is doing and thinking we're crazy for believing it. Like Eli Stone, I think we let our past shape too much of our future. We get hung up on our mistakes and who we used to be, not allowing for God to redefine who we are becoming. We have to start believing that God wants us to join him in bringing hope and love to the world and the people around us.

Oh yeah, don't miss tonight: Bowling.

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  1. I want to know what happens to the guy when the anuerysm takes over! Ha! Great stuff here. Thanks for adding me. By the way, how many guys had the Strength of competition tonight?? Hee...hee!