Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ignite Humanity Drawing Nearer

Last night we had a meeting to finalize planning on the Ignite Humanity conference, a ministry designed to inspire people to reach their full potential in Jesus in order to set the world on fire for him. The conference is going to be held at the end of April, exact date and location will be settled by this week. The main focus of this conference is to equip people in how to share their faith. Barna research shows that this is an area in Christians lives that is suffering and rapidly declining. The goal of the conference is to redefine how we view sharing the gospel, cultivate a heart for the lost like God, and to be inspired to go into the workplace and our churches understanding our calling. It's going to be an exciting event, I encourage everyone who wishes to improve in this area of their faith to plan on attending, more details coming soon.

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