Saturday, March 29, 2008

Multi-campus Meeting Fuels Excitement

This morning we had a meeting about the multi-campus strategy of The Journey and discussed the things that needed to happen to pull it off. Some things that we felt were absolutely necessary, in order for The Journey to reach its goal of being one church that meets in multiple locations.

1. We need all hands on deck. Every person that is a part of The Journey @ West is going to have to find a place to plug into ministry service, whether at Providence or at West. Everyone has a part to play in making this a success. There will be a lot of coordinating needing to take place, but chaos around a grand project, is better than order in which nobody is participating.

2. We need to raise the necessary finances. Everything cost money, particularly churches. We need funds for marketing the new campus to the Providence community and we need them for buying the gear and equipment necessary to run a full functioning second campus.

3. We need prayer. God desires to reach the people of Providence more than we do. He has been waiting for us to join in. We need to ask God to continue opening the many doors that He has already burst open.

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