Saturday, March 15, 2008

Men of the Lanes

Last night a bunch of the men from The Journey got together and put our competitive spirit into high gear with a roaring night of bowling. I've never heard so much smack talk flying around a set of bowling lanes in my life, though I'm responsible for most of it. We divided the teams up into four groups and played three games. My team won 2 of the 3 games; however, people did not want that to be the outcome, so they averaged the scores of the three games, making my team finish second. It is OK though, I have recovered.

It is a lot of fun and enjoyment to actually like the people you go to church with. So much of my life I lived believing that you had church friends and then your "real" friends. What I appreciate most about the people of The Journey is that they are my "real" friends and I enjoy sharing life with them. For all you guys who were there last night, you know who was really the best team out there...Team 3 baby!

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