Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I Love Twitter

I know there are many skeptics of the newest and latest networking tools that come out. Facebook is the fourth largest site on the internet right now behind only Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo. Social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter have changed how communication happens...and I happen to like it

The beauty of these two tools, especially twitter, is that you can communicate about what things are going on in your life without having to have 377 conversations with people (the number of people I would have to call or meet with that are my Facebook friends). It is also a more concise way to talk and share information. For example: when I get emails that are just short of being full-length novels, I rarely finish reading them. When I get phone calls from numbers that I don't know, I rarely answer them. In today's world, people don't want to be bogged down. Short and fast communication solves this issue. With twitter you only have a 140 characters to communicate what you need to say. That is the equivalent of two full sentences. Could you imagine if all the fluff of some of your emails and conversations were cut out and just the meat were there? This is why I love it.

Think about this for a moment. Which would you more likely to respond to: the long email, the unknown phone call, or the text message, twitter direct message (140 characters), or a Facebook message. My guess is that you are probably finding yourself responding to things that allow for quick and concise communication. After-all, thats what we have time for. I don't think these things should replace face-to-face contact and conversations, but I love these tools because they allow for me to do my job at a level that I could never accomplish without them. In fact, if you are reading this blog it is probably because you clicked on a link from Facebook or twitter...see. 

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  1. Word geek here. I have you in my Google reader for Blogs. ;)