Monday, August 10, 2009

Only Having Days to Live

The last couple of months have been a very sobering and reflective time for me. In the course of that time I have done the funeral for a 17 year old kid killed in a car accident, hear of a 16 year old that died of a brain aneurysm as he was working out, and was at a funeral for a friend's grandmother who was in her 60's that died of cancer. In addition to these examples I have been sent prayer requests and been informed of many other ones. It has resulted in this one over-arching question that it forces me to ask: Am I living my life like I have forever or am I living my life like today is my last?

I think this is an important question to ask. If you knew tomorrow was the last day you would have on earth, how would you spend it? What things would make you mad? What things would you look past because they don't matter? Would you keep partying your life away if you knew you were going to come face-to-face with the Living God in a matter of days? How would it effect the way you communicate to your loved ones? How would it change what you do for a living? How would it change your view of money? I think having a healthy sense of our mortality is the only way to truly live as we should. When situations are put in the light of no promise for tomorrow, it helps determine whether or not they are truly important.

So why do I write this? I want you to take inventory of your own life. Have you told the people you love that you love them today? Have you demonstrated your love through your actions? Is your life filled with meaningless things instead of things with meaning? Take inventory and see what you find. Begin to live like you are not promised tomorrow, because you know what? Your not. 

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  1. I had a good friend pass away a few weeks ago. He hadn't talked to his daughter for almost 20 years.
    She came to see him only days before he died at the prompting of another daughter. He was glad to see her, but you think, what a waste!