Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

It was another incredible day today at The Journey. I never stop being amazed at what God does in our services each week. Today was one of those days that God really moved the hearts of people. I prayed with many people today at the end of service and following service. I continue to be amazed at the stories of lives that are being changed in this community of faith. God is sending more and more people for us to share the gospel of Jesus with. I pray we continue to faithful in our mission to do just that. 

Today there were several things that left impressions on me:

* I'm thankful that God has continued to grow us as a church throughout the summer months. There are so many new faces that I find myself always introducing myself to others. 

* I loved how our Praise and Worship team had three different people lead worship songs during our time of worship. That is a great job by Robbie Cheuvront in being willing to let others lead. It is also why he is hands-down the best worship leader in the area. Great job by Molly McNeil, Philip Organ, and Miranda Allen in stepping up and leading those songs. 

* I particularly loved "Reign in Us" sang by Philip today. I loved the words he had to say before he sang about his experience coming to The Journey and about how that song should become an anthem for us. Good stuff.

* I thought our tweak in the flow of service worked well today. I liked having the offering and communion as a simultaneous moment. It reminds us that our offering is an act of worship, submission, and obedience to Christ, in whom we feast upon as we take the elements. 

* I'm pumped up about the baptisms for next week. We have double-digit baptisms scheduled and their could possibly be more! You will not want to miss next Sunday.

* Don't forget to hand out the Sex Series cards that we gave out today. We are anticipating a huge turnout in people for this series. If you aren't too shy or embarrassed to invite others, this one will be the one to do it on. 

* I felt my sermon today was speaking to a lot of people in the room. I pray God will bring forth fruit from it. I also love how our church is willing to have fun and laugh as we seek to learn the ways of God together. Good job to my two students this morning who took "my test." 

I'm honored to serve alongside of you all and be a part of what God is doing here at the church. Lets commit to continued faithfulness so that we will keep seeing God pour Himself out in our midst. 

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  1. Amen, Erik I see God taking you deep into the word with every new series, for all of his sheep to hear and follow his voice through you, I to am amazed at the work Our God is doing at the Journey. HE is connecting with their souls & Hearts, Like you I am seeing more & more new people being brought in by the spirit of God Himself, I can see how he continues to move through our Prase and worship Team, God is so Powerful when you look around and see each Sunday what he has done and yes still doing.We praise you Jesus for all you have done and all you are going to do. In your precious name Christ Jesus ,AMEN