Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

This has been one incredible day! I think this is by far one of my favorite ministry days in all my time in ministry. Our services this morning were awesome in my opinion. Our Lebanon Campus broke an attendance record and our two campuses combined today broke all Journey attendance records, including Easter. There are some amazing things happening right now in our church and you can just tell that God is about to blow our minds with some things. 

I felt really good about the message today. I have to be honest with you, I rarely get nervous before speaking, but I was jittery before getting up this morning. I barely slept any Saturday night because of the anticipation. I pray that God will use the message to stir conversations, convict hearts, and call people to repentance. We have to get use to talking about sex if we are going to live in a culture that is in constant conversation about it. I look forward to the weeks ahead as we keep engaging in this important conversation. Be sure to send people to the website if they want to see the sermon or go download it from itunes.

We also had our first Hartsville Campus info meeting. We had a great time talking about what we believe God is going to do in that area. You will hear more info as we keep moving forward, but we are targeting Easter 2010 as our official launch date. We will begin preview services sometime early 2010. John Griffin has officially been named as Campus Pastor for the Hartsville Campus. We are excited about John moving into this role. Please congratulate him the next time that you see him. More details on Hartsville coming soon!

Finally, we announced today the start of our new 6pm service time beginning September 20th. This service will be at the Lebanon Campus and will be a mirror image of our Sunday morning service. The goal is to create another opportunity for people to worship with us, and particularly, reach Cumberland University. In addition to Cumberland students we seek to reach people who may attend Titans games, sleep-in on Sunday morning, and other unchurched folks. We are pumped about this service. Let people around you know about it

God is doing a major work right now. Don't take this for granted Journey Church. Savor these moments. Be in prayer for our leadership. Please pray for me as I try to continue hearing from God and serve Him faithfully. We are moving closer every week to living our desire of being: One Church, in Multiple Locations, Igniting a Jesus movement. 


  1. I'm so pumped about all of this! I was blown away by the Lebanon crowd today and continue to grow excited as new, awesome things are happening at the Journey. I love how intentional and God-focused we are and how you, Erik, are leading without fear of man and with total fear of God. Right on!!

  2. Pastor Erik,

    I am really excited about this series. I am a nurse and as such, I see alot of STD's, teen pregnancies, and out of wedlock pregnancies as well. I also deal with my patients with emotional issues coming from rape, molestation, adultery and bad decisions that they have made when it comes to sex. It is very disheartening with all that I see on a weekly basis and I agree that we as Christians should take this back and make it what God intended it to be. Thanks so much for your guidance and teachings on this subject!