Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Divine Appointments

As some of you may know I'm coaching my son's tball team this fall. I started calling our players yesterday to let them know I was the coach and to inform them of our practice schedule. One of the main reasons I coach is because it allows me to do this with my son, but also I get a chance to meet families that I would normally never have a chance to know. My prayer is that God would always use these opportunities to allow for people who don't know Him to perhaps find him. I just want to be used to reflect God's love to people who may otherwise not know of it.

Yesterday as I am calling people I get a hold of a lady who's son is on my team. As we are talking about the practice schedule she informs me that she is not sure if they will be able to be there or not. She says that their 9 year old daughter has brain cancer and they are finding results out that day about whether or not the chemotherapy has been working. She starts to cry as she is telling me this. I immediately begin to share with her some of our history with Kaleb's medical problems and then I pray for her, the family, and her daughter. When we finally hung the phone up I just sat there in my chair perplexed. I realized that God happened to ordain this time and the opportunity for this family to be on our team. I'm amazed at how God works. My prayer is for this little girl Bishop to receive healing. I also pray that the family would come to know that God is there with them at all times, if they don't know this already. My prayer is that God would use this tball season as a divine appointment in both their lives and mine. Please pray for this family and sweet little girl. The results yesterday was that her tumor had grown by 20%. 

What Divine Appointments have you had in your life? Is it possible that today is a day full of possibilities for divine appointments if we simply open our eyes and hearts?


  1. Amen!!! Prayers for Bishop!!!

  2. This is amazing!God allowed you and your family to experience all the pain and everything else associated with Kaleb's illness for so many reasons.
    It seems like it was a time of growth for your faith. It made you empathetic which is more than sympathetic.
    Sharing what you did with this woman and praying with her was a perfect picture of what Jesus did and does for us. He became a man, experiencing the pains,troubles and temptations we do.Why do all that if he was just going to go back up to heaven and sit around up there like he had done enough just to die for us?
    It heals our mind and our spirit to know someone really hears us and cares.
    You know it has been said life is like a tapestry. We see the dangling threads while God sees the beautiful picture.This tapestry began years ago when Kaleb became sick.The set backs,the forgiveness,the personal growth,the commitment to spend time with your son by coaching...may have looked like dangling threads,but it was all part of a divine plan.God bless you brother Erik!That was a beautiful picture.
    This little girl and her family will be in my prayers