Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sex Questions Texted in during Service

There were some really good questions asked on Sunday during the message through our text-a-question element. Many of the questions were questions that will be answered in upcoming sermons. Others were questions that were able to be answered during service. The ones that didn't make the cut, I will answer on the blog over the next couple of days. Take a look at the questions.

Questions that will be answered in upcoming weeks:
* Do you feel like gay people have the right to worship God?
* How can you punish someone for being born gay? DNA change in them is a fact proven. It to me is being wronged for being born with blue eyes.
* Is living together before you’re married a sin?
* If a husband or wife wants to have sex and the other spouse is “not in the mood”, who has to make the sacrifice & why?

Questions I answered Sunday:
* Is there sex in heaven?
* Where do you look in the Bible for guidance for the talk & how do you take out prejudice if you were molested as a child?
* Why was it not a sin to have more than 1 wife in the old testament? Because the man would lust for the second wife before he married here therefore he would have sinned against the first wife.
* Sex is created for husband & wife only. All other is sin. God does not recognize divorce. That is created by man. So if remarried, are you not committing sin?
* My boss is divorced & has a boyfriend that she has sex with. She is supposed to be a Christian. Should I talk to her about this?
* When you are rapped, are you responsible for the sexual sin?

Questions I will answer on the blog over the next few days:
* What does God say to teen girls about chastity & purity?
* Is it a sin to have sex before you are married?
* Is my foot fetish a bad thing? I am single. I don’t have to have pretty feet to get off but I have a hard time to go out with women with ugly feet?
* Is sexual sin different than other sin such as a prideful nature or gluttony?
* Is it a sin if your other half swings and you’re ok with it but you don’t?
* What if your only partner is your husband, but you had sex before marriage? Is that still going to condemn me to hell in God’s eyes? We were engaged and had made a covenant to each other.
* What is marriage? Is it the vow we take or the actions in sex? If it is sex, then were we considered married before in God’s eyes if we had sex before marriage?
* So no sex before marriage, is marriage the commitment to each other or the legal recognition of that commitment?


  1. ok so im confussed I see all the questions but no answers????

  2. Christi,

    These are just the questions. I will be giving answers on the blog tomorrow and Friday.

  3. Everything is a "picture". If people get the old testament picture they'd understand the picture of our marriage to Christ.If they understand the marriage with Christ, there would a whole lot less questions about adultery, infidelity,fornication and other sexual sins.
    Liking the series.The church I grew up in, sex was a dirty word. The parents never had the talk with me and the church only said don't do it.