Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I have been without internet access for nearly a week. I'm still recovering from the side-effects. I got my internet working again today and feel like I've missed everything going on in the world, though I haven't really missed anything. I feel like a have a ton of catching up to do. Couple of things going right now:

* Small group game night at my house tonight for all those interested (leave a comment if you need the address)

* I can't believe the Love Sick series is on Week 3 of 4 this week, it has went by fast

* We are going to be making the Love Sick series into a DVD set that can be purchased. The cost is $20 for the entire series on DVD; the proceeds go toward purchasing Catalyst equipment for our current and future campuses

* We are going to be making the following series available for purchase as well: War Zone, DNA, Shattered -- these are all $20 for an entire series

* This Sunday is our last week at 2 services, we are prepping for our move to Providence on February 8th -- service on December 7th is at 9:30am

Lots of great things going on right now in the life of The Journey. I will be sending a newsletter out in the next week outlining some of the focuses for the 2009 and recapping some of where we have been for 2008.

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