Monday, November 3, 2008

Crazy Enough to Believe It

I'm just crazy enough to believe it! I really believe that the Journey can reach thousands of people across Middle Tennessee. Not only to do I believe it, I'm expecting it. God has given this church a vision that is way bigger than ourselves. It is a vision that will take more than a few talented people to become reality. This vision will require normal everyday people to seize divine moments and believe that God is going to use their lives for something incredible.

I believe in the next several years, we are going to be ministering to several thousand people every weekend in our services. I see a church that will have hundreds of small groups meeting all over Wilson County, Davidson County, Trousdale County, Rutherford County, and Sumner County. I see a church that is sending hundreds of people across the country and overseas annually for missions work. I'm seeing people who are currently working at jobs they like give their lives to the mission of serving God vocationally. I'm envisioning a church that is known throughout the community for its service and love. Most importantly, I'm seeing a church that the lost, hurting, and broken are flocking to and they are surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. I'm seeing Sundays in which hundreds at a time are being baptized and making decisions to follow Jesus. It may not be where we are now, but I see it.

Walt Disney died five years before the opening of Disney World in Florida. When they opened, one the high-up executives said, "I wish Walt would have seen this." The response from his colleague, "He did, that's why its here!" I see it Journey Church and I'm crazy enough to believe it!

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