Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Evening Reflections

Today was one of the greatest days in Journey history, no question about it! We started our new series: Love Sick and had over 200 people at church. That is single-handily the largest crowd outside of Easter we have ever had. Both services were packed to the gills and it was an amazing day. Highlights from this morning:

* The praise band opening service by singing "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis
* Our worship time was incredible, "Glory to God" and "Jesus is Alive" was amazing
* The electricity in the room today was second to none, you could sense God was moving
* Jeff Bode and Alex Perry interrupting my sermon introduction by dancing to "What is Love" the way, neither can dance :-)
* Seeing people praying with other people all over the building today - awesome!

Tonight we had our Volunteer/Journey Awards celebration, it was so much fun. This was the largest attended event we have ever had outside of Sunday morning. As we were leaving and dismissing all people could talk about was how much fun that was. Highlights from the night:

* the 1,000 pots of chili people made (okay, it wasn't that many, but seriously)
* giving awards for the best pot of chili, congratulations: Jeff Bode, Amber Burton, and Robbie Cheuvront (first place)
* getting to tell all the volunteers how much they mean to us and show them by raffling off some cool prizes and sending everyone home with a Journey hoodie
* watching Todd Bates and Shawn Allen give out the Journey awards, it gets better every year to watch people's reactions
* our winners: Brewington's (Spirit award), Andrea Vickers (Unsung Hero), Jay Spice (Rising Star), Kelly Piercy (Special Recognition), and Jeff Bode (Journeymen of the Year) -- Jeff's speech was both stirring and inspiring, unbelievable
* Seeing Amy Jordan's vision of participating in Samaritans Purse and setting a goal of 50 boxes get doubled (over 100) and praying for the kids who would get them
* Sharing the statistics that the Journey is in the 4% of churches in America that qualify for being considered an "effective evangelistic church" -- at least 26 conversions in a year and a 20:1 conversion ration (The Journey's conversion ratio is 5:1)
* As always, praise and worship at the end was stellar and second to none; however, THE KIDS TOOK THE NIGHT by playing with the band during "Sing, Sing, Sing" to close the night -- best moment for sure!

It was great. I love this church. You are the best. We march forward toward the mission God has birthed us to accomplish.

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