Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Phillip Fulmer and the Kingdom of God

Well I can't believe it. The University of Tennessee and Phillip Fulmer have agreed to part ways. Yesterday Fulmer resigned at the desire of the administration and fan base. I felt bad for him as he cried and gave his remarks. You could see a genuine love for what he did and for the university. Though he was sad, the decision was the right one for the future of the school. His love and commitment were not enough in a competitive driven profession. His skills and abilities no longer were enough to get the job done. He won a National Championship in 98' and won over 150 games in his career, but over the last eight years he has struggled to produce what he did in his first nine. The mission of the UT football team was bigger than one man. The mission will go on long after him.

The same is true for the Kingdom of God. The mission is bigger than one man. It will go on after us, it has been for over 2,000 years. Every person in the Kingdom of God has a significant role to play. All of us are expected to give our skills and abilities to the advancement of the Kingdom. We are all expected to pour ourselves and our hearts into the mission in such a way that it evokes passion, just like Fulmer did with Tennessee. However, the mission is not about us, it is about Jesus. The mission cannot stop because of one man, it is bigger than that.

My prayer: God allow me to serve in your kingdom effectively for as long as I can make a difference.

Question: Do you think it was wrong for UT to make former resign or was it the right decision?

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