Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Evening Reflections

It has been a great today! We had an incredible service today at church. It was amazing to see all the people in one! There was a ton of energy in the room. We wrapped up the Love Sick series today. I personally believe it has been one of the best series we have ever done at The Journey. We finished it off with a bang today. It was awesome to take communion together as an entire church. It was an even more amazing sight to see all the people signing the cross as couples. I'm excited about what is coming for us a church in the weeks ahead.

On a personal note, I went to the Titans game today. A very generous person in the church gave me tickets as a Christmas gift. I usually don't have a chance to go to Titans games because of preaching on Sunday's and the because we have had two services on Sunday's. Having one service today allowed for me to that. It was cold, but a ton of fun. Titans won and clinched their division.

Pray for me this week. I have my finals at school and then I get to have about a month long break. It has been a challenging first semester of graduate school, but I'm learning some neat stuff and meeting some cool people.

Journeying forward!

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