Monday, November 10, 2008

Acts 2 Community

Last night, the elders and campus pastors, along with our families, had the opportunity to visit the home of a couple from The Journey. They had requested that we come out and pray for their children and for their home. The kids had not been sleeping through the night and were having health issues. Their marriage was suffering as a result of the constant grind of sick kids, no sleep, and their own recent health issues. They suggested that we not only come to pray, but we could eat dinner together as an entire group.

We had a wonderful time. We cooked the meal together with everyone running around the kitchen. After we ate, we sat and talked about this year's political race and all the interesting things that transpired. We then moved into talking about the issues that had been going on. Elder James and myself read some Scripture and we all prayed over the couple. After we prayed for the couple, we went into the rooms of the kids and prayed for God's protection over the rooms and the entire house. Then we had each kid come downstairs and we prayed for them individually. It was an incredible night. I didn't know what to anticipate as we prepared to go to their home, but what happened is what you read about in the Scriptures. It was an example of the Kingdom God on Earth. It was what was described in Acts 2 when they broke break in homes and prayed for each other as they had need.

It took 1.) humility to ask for people to come pray and expose their insecurities 2.) faith that God answers prayers and that it was worth calling upon the church 3.) compassion for those who went out to empathize with the family and embrace their pain and hurts. The church in action looks like what happened last night. The more we are willing to follow Christ and humble ourselves, we will experience more amazing things.

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