Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jesus for President

We have just elected our next President of the United States. Barak Obama will be the 44th President of our great nation. I know there are many people excited about this (just look at what the crowd in Chicago was last night) and I know there are many people disappointed and worried. This campaign has done something amazing. My eyes have been opened to the condition of our world and our church. Political parties have replaced the church as the agent for bringing change. The church not only is to blame, it has excepted this. Today's church believes that the Republican Party is the party that represents Christians. Today's poor and middle-class believe that the Democrats are the party that supports their causes and needs. Political parties have one agenda: their own. If we believe that any party is "the party" that represents groups and beliefs, we have bought into their marketing scheme. Political parties are interested in securing votes, not upholding Christian values or helping the poor and sick. These parties have done an amazing job of convincing Americans that they represent their ideals; however, I do not buy it.

This political season has opened my eyes to some realities that the church must fix. It has opened my eyes to the condition of our nation. We put our hope in Presidents and legislation rather than Jesus and His Church. Is government bad, no. Is it needed, sure. It is the hope of the world or our nation, absolutely not. That distinction belongs to one person: Jesus.

In the weeks to come, I will be preparing a teaching series that will show some things that I believe God is showing me regarding our 21st century reality. I want to challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to see the role of Jesus and His Church differently than it is currently viewed. I want Jesus to once again gain His rightful place as the only hope of nations. Jesus for President. I think it has a ring to it. I think it offers more hope than every other person and party who claims they can fix our world.

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