Friday, November 14, 2008

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Could there be more than three...sure, but then it wouldn't have that catchy little title. Plus, all you people who love the three steps to _________________ lists wouldn't keep reading. So to save all of us the trouble, I've listed three questions each of us would be well serve to ask ourselves regularly.

1. Am I closer in my walk with Christ today than I was a month/year ago?
This question is a matter of progression versus regression. There are only three possible states of your relationship with God: stagnant, regressing, and progressing. This question must be asked regularly, because at any moment we can begin to slip from our walk with God or become neutral. We can't possibly lead the charge of a mighty movement of God's Spirit in a state of regressing or being stagnant. Cry out to God and ask Him to help you move forward.

2. Is my heart growing more skeptical or compassionate for people?
This question deals with our attitude toward people. A true sign as to the condition of our spiritual health is how we view and treat people. The reason I ask about your heart is because you can put up a front that pretends to like people, but you know whether or not you are growing more hardened or compassionate. Followers of Jesus who are on fire for him have a burning desire to love people, even those who are unlovable and undeserving. Pray for God to break your heart for the condition people are in.

3. What things in my life am I putting before God?
This is the hardest thing to ask ourselves. We don't ever admit to putting things before God. However, if you look under the microscope close enough, many things can begin to edge God out. Anything put before God is called an idol in the Scriptures. What are the idols of your life? Look at your checkbook, your calendar, and your desires and see if they balance out with God's dream and hope for your life and this world. Pray for God to reveal the things in your life that are coming before Him, repent, and put God in His rightful place in your life.

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