Monday, October 27, 2008

Practicing What I Preach

The problem with most Christians is we don't "practice what we preach." Since I spoke on living life through the lenses of gratitude yesterday, I thought I would share another thing that I'm grateful for that actually happened to me today.

When I arrived at the train station this morning, I had to go to the ticket machine and buy a ticket. The tickets are $5 per trip. As I walked up to the machine to pay for my ticket, a man handed me a ticket and said, "don't worry about buying one, they are too expensive, take this one." I was a little shocked at first and wondered whether or not I should check the ticket for being fake. Then I thought to myself, why would he give me a fake ticket when he didn't charge me anything?

When I got on the train, it hit me: It was a $5 ticket, but I should be grateful for the man's generosity toward me. I thanked God for the free ticket and prayed for God to bless the man who gave it to me. If we look at the little things that happen everyday, I bet we can discover many instances in which we should be grateful. Gratitude is a choice on what perspective we will live with.

What things can show gratitude for today?

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