Friday, October 17, 2008

My Son is a Rockstar

The better title would probably be: My Son loves to Worship

This is more accurate to the truth of the matter. In the pictures above you see my son posing with members of Fee, the band that leads the Catalyst conference, is the primary worship leaders at Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta, and all around rock stars!

We went to see Fee in concert at First Baptist Hendersonville last night and loved it. I had just returned from two days of worshiping with these guys, but last night I got to enjoy it with Katrina and Kaleb. We had a blast just letting it rip. As Steve likes to say, "bad singers of the world unite!" It was great to just relax and worship without feeling a sense of responsibility for making sure something is getting done or preparing to go up and give a message. It was also mega cool to be able to go 30 minutes down the road to see a phenomenal band. These guys were awesome to pose with Kaleb for the pics...he loved it.

Why wouldn't he? He's a rock star!

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  1. I'm jealous!!! I saw that concert on their website and I really wish I was able to go. Work always gets in the way.... Kaleb looks like he had a blast. Keep rockin'!