Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Thing

Imagine Jesus appeared to you in a dream and said, "____________(insert your name here), I want you to come up with one idea that will allow people who need me to hear about me. I want you to accomplish this at all cost. I want a full report when I see you here later."

If you were given the challenge to think of one idea, just one way, to reach people with the message of Jesus, what would it be?

3 Rules:
* Don't let money play a factor in whether or not it could happen

* Be sure the idea would include your involvement and participation

* Time is not a issue (don't fret about how long it would take)

How about it? What would your one thing be?

Take a moment to think about it. The answer will reflect a lot about you. It may also catalyze an opportunity to put the idea into action to reach people.

My idea: I would try to find a way to have people from my neighborhood over in in small groups (10-12) and find ways to relationally connect with them. In other words, I would throw parties. We could grill food, play cornhole, etc. I would need to work the idea out further, but it suites my strength of building relationships and it would be something I would establish trust and opportunities to share the gospel over time.

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