Thursday, October 30, 2008

God Moments

Today I'm conducting a funeral. I received a phone call from a person in the church who is a friend to this family. The family is a sweet family; however, they had no church to rely on during this time. I was asked if I would be willing to visit the family to help console them. I was called about an hour after the grandmother has passed and I made my way up to the nursing home to see the family. I have to be honest, I didn't exactly know what to say. I didn't know the lady who had passed or anyone in the family. I just began praying for God to give me direction on how to love this family and reveal His love to them.

When I arrived at the nursing home, everyone was in the hall. I asked them if they wanted to step into the room to get our of the busy hallways. When we stepped in, I realized that the lady who had passed was still in there. Needless to say, I was in uncharted waters. My heart just started to break for this family as I realized that this loss had just occurred. I just tried to put myself in their shoes to imagine the pain they must be feeling. I spoke with them about God's love surrounding them and that He is near during these times. I also encouraged them to lean heavily on each other. Then we did something that changed everything, I had them hold hands and start sharing their most memorable moments from her life. They started sharing funny stories, stories that described her love and character, and many more. You could sense a weight lifting off the room as we all cried. This lady deserved to be honored for all she had given her life to. We prayed afterward, and I offered to do the funeral if they needed someone and they accepted.

I left the nursing home that day realizing that there are hurting people around us every day. Some don't have a church to help them through the hurt and to speak of God's love to them. It is crucial that we become the light of the world, because there is much darkness. I was told later on that the moment we had in the room that day really impacted the family. It gave them a peace in the midst of their grieving.

Pray for me today as I try to serve this family at the funeral and honor the lady who played such a large role in their lives.


  1. God is opening our eyes to see and hearts to feel what He sees and hears every moment. I don't know about you, but I feel honored to "Be about the Father's business." Good for you Pastor. Love you, Cindi

  2. Erik
    I want to tell you how grateful I am for you being with us during our difficult time. My grandmother would be honored for the comfort, love and service you gave. I look forward to seeing and hearing you touch not only my life but others in the days to come, so that one day I too will be at peace and live for eternity in the house of the lord.
    Vickie Hurley

  3. Vickie,
    It was an honor to be a part of your family the last several days. You had a special grandmother and that became more evident through every conversation. I'm available to you guys for needs you may have in the future and would love to have you guys attend the church sometime.

    Remember: Jesus' grace is sufficient for you, his power is made perfect in our weakness.