Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Authentic Community

I have to take a moment today to brag on my small group. It is a great small group. The cool thing is: it is not great because I'm leading it, it is great because the people seek relationship and transparency. I have been a part of small groups and Sunday school before, but I have never had an experience like this group. The problem with most Sunday schools and small groups is we don't truly desire intimacy. Real intimacy means we come clean about the condition of our lives, thoughts, and hearts. It means we lay it on the table with a group of people and something amazing find yourself still loved and accepted. This is what authentic community looks like.

We have had some amazing nights in our group as of late. People have been coming clean about broken marriages, struggles with addictions, insecurities, and many other things that they felt they needed support from the group on. This is what Biblical community should look like. This is what it looks like when people get tired of playing Christianity and truly start wanting to reflect Christ's character to the world. God is raising up a people who's rallying cry is: "We want more!" There is so much more, but you have to be willing to go where you have never gone before, with people you have never been there with. If you want to go there, there is a great reward waiting you on the other side: Authentic Community.


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts about our small group. Best group I have ever been with. It's probably because Chad Jordan is a part of it.

  2. Yeah...but don't tell him...he may get the big head! :-)

  3. I agree too, awesomest group ever!

  4. I know God is proud of what you are accomplishing with your small group. You are helping people realize how rewarding a true relationship with God can really be!

  5. Lisa,
    Hey gal! Thanks for the encouragement. I hope all is well with you and the boys. Let Michael know all the dudes miss him. Let me know if I can ever be there for you guys for anything.