Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

I am absolutely drained from a crazy weekend. My family and I have been at going non-stop. Kaleb had his first official tball practice today after church. It was cold and the kids were miserable. It also showed me that he has a lot of work for daddy to be working on with him. A fun highlight of the weekend is always seeing all the folks from The Journey. I was sad to be concluding the Savage Generation series today. I have enjoyed teaching it so much. I hope it has been as insightful and instructive for your faith as much as it was fun for me to teach. There are some big days ahead of us. We are only two weeks away from Easter and only several weeks away from moving into the new building in Lebanon. I can't wait to see what happens as we continue to move forward.

A couple of highlights from the day:

* showing up to the West Campus and having no projector for people to have words to songs and our leaders not panicking

* watching the band change all the songs at the last minute to songs they thought people may know

* hearing all the people say how much they have enjoyed the series

* seeing the Providence Campus operate without a glitch after having some key leaders be unable to come because of car troubles

* hearing that we had people who wanted to know about getting baptized at the Providence Campus

* just seeing the people that God is going to use to ignite a movement in our days

Last thing: you don't want to miss this next Sunday's sermon. It will be a challenge and major Easter goal will be announced.

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