Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is God testing me? If my history with God is correct and if the history of God's interaction with man in the Bible is correct, the answer is probably yes. Being tested in your faith is not easy or comfortable, even though we say it is where we want to live. Living on the cutting edge of what God is doing seems to be the mantra with chant, but it is rarely the lifestyle we live. God used the igniters of the world to change the future. These courageous men and women did not rely on their human intuition to make decisions, that were led by the Spirit. They did not ask what is comfortable, they boldly dashed toward God's plan. I want that. I want that badly. I want to found among those who lived willing to charge the gates of hell with a water pistol.

As doors open do you walk through them or peak around? Do you charge or stumble at opportunities? When is the last time you were kept up at night because of a decision that took faith and risk? When is the last time you could be called a risk-taker? One of our core DNA statements at The Journey is that initiating change surpasses avoiding it. Simply put, we are willing to risk everything for the sake of reaching more. What about you?

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