Monday, March 9, 2009

Moving at the Speed of God

We just finished talking yesterday at The Journey about Radical Obedience. I feel one of the defining characteristics of the generation God will use to ignite a movement is obedience. The word "obedience" gets a really bad rap. We see the word as a negative. We equate it to forced submission. Why do we see obedience as something we do against our will? Why is that obedience has become something we do despite what we would truly desire doing?

I think we need to rehabilitate the meaning obedience. I think we need to see obedience through the lenses of opportunity. The more obedient we are to the voice of God and the ways of God, the more opportunities we will have to encounter divine moments in our lives. Obedience propels us forward. It gives velocity to our lives. When we obey God, it begins moving us at the speed of God.

I spoke yesterday about the example of driving down the interstate and looking out the window and seeing a blur of trees and other things. This is because the trees are stationary and we are moving. However, we often have a car going beside us at the same speed and we are able to look out the window and see with clarity what the person in the car is doing. It is as if they are not moving. This is what moving at the speed of God is like. God is constantly moving around us, but if we are stationary, seeing God will be a blur. When we are obedient to God it give us the velocity to pull alongside of God and see with clarity what He is doing around us. This is how we capture the divine encounters in our daily lives. Obedience to Him is the key to unlocking this reality in our lives.

What speed are you moving at? Does seeing God's movement around you seem like a blur or is it clear? Obedience is a defining characteristic of the Savage Generation.

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