Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everyday Jesus

Beginning April 12th on Easter Sunday I will be starting a brand new set of teaching on an issue that I believe is key to the Church and Christianity as a whole right now. We live in a country where a large majority claim to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord; however, these numbers are very different from the kind of world we live in and character we see displayed in many of these professors.

This series will be a five week exploration of a central question: what does it look like to follow Jesus everyday? Rather than being a Sunday only Christian, how does one's faith translate into a lifestyle? How do we move from believing in Jesus to knowing Jesus? If you have ever had questions as to what a true relationship with God looks like or have ever felt like this whole "Jesus thing" was hard to translate into a day-to-day endeavor, this series is for you.

I'm excited about teaching this series. Make plans to come to one of our two campuses. Invite a friend to join you. We are anticipating some big things for Easter. If you need directions or have questions, visit the Journey website for details.

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