Monday, March 30, 2009

Josiah Road

A pretty cool thing happened today. A blog post that I wrote last week is being used for a website geared toward teen and young adults called Josiah Road. Anytime someone thinks something you said has some weight or merit it is a flattering thing, yet at the same time is is a humbling thing. It is much more important for me to have a life that speaks for my faith, instead of just a bunch of words describing it. Too often in our Christian lives we want to use words to convince others of our faith, but I think the secret to success and at showing the world a true faith is through our lives. Our lives are the story of God for others to read.

If you want to check out the blog post for the Josiah Road website click here. I appreciate everyone who comes to this website and reads my musings, thoughts, and things God is sharing with me. If anything wrote here can be helpful for your life and faith, all the better.

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