Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

If I have learned anything in my limited existence on earth, it is to expect the unexpected. Things rarely go as planned. Expectation and reality are usually always different. What we think is going to happen often results in something else. This is the law of the universe: expect the unexpected.

Yesterday when my wife told me she was pregnant, that was not expected. It was not planned. Life was just moving along and in one phone call it became very different. I started thinking through the reality that I'm about to be the father of another child. I'm about to have the responsibility to care for another human being. The news was exciting and sobering. It wasn't part of the plan. But it was a truly astonishing new beginning for our family.

Do you live life expecting the unexpected? Or do you get knocked off course and discouraged when things don't go as you planned? We can't control life. We can only take each moment as it comes. The greatest advice I could give anyone is to live life expecting the unexpected. That way you are not disappointed when things go astray. But you are also constantly awaiting the amazing surprises life brings.

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