Friday, July 10, 2009

Time of Reflection

I have been in a little bit of a writing funk lately. Not because I don't feel there is anything to be said, but because I have been doing a lot more reflecting lately. I haven't felt ready to say anything this week. I'm thinking about our church, I'm thinking about my family (and soon to be addition), I'm thinking about how I can get get the point, a lot of thinking. 

Do you ever find yourself getting into more reflective modes in your life? This is not a bad thing by any means. I have just felt more compelled to say less and think more this past week. It may have to do with what I'm speaking about on Sunday: Joy in Suffering. I realize that there is a lot of hurt that exists in our world today, but there is joy to be found in in the midst of our sufferings. I feel a heavy heart about speaking this Sunday so perhaps that has added to it. 

I'm not sure what has brought this season on, but its here. Question: what things do you reflect about in your life? What things race through your mind when you think about the future?


  1. Reflection does clear out the the dust of normacy. Though, we may be busy, that business can be normal for some people. So when we set ourselves aside from our normal routine, there is time to reflect and consider our life's endeavors.

  2. Alot of things race through my mind:
    1. Am I really living the life that is worthy of the grace that was given me...or am I cheapening it?
    2. Am I really where God wants me...or what else should I be doing...
    3. Am I really living a life that reflects who I say Jesus is...
    4. Am I using my abilities to glorify God
    5. With Erik on this one..I'm sure...but how can I be an effective father to a daughter to raise her up with only the need of love from her Heavenly Father...

    just some to name a few!!!

  3. Reflection can be difficult at times for me because I tend to go back and highlight where I went wrong or messed up. God is starting to show me though that reflection times should be used to grow us and open our minds for new ideas from Him.
    Sometimes I look back at seemingly impossible situations that God has gotten me through and it gives me strength that the current storm will pass, He will be by my side, and I will be ready for the next level of my relationship with Christ.

  4. I honestly believe that the ability to reflect is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. It allows us to interpret circumstances, change our minds, edit our behavior, and sometimes it's the catalyst in saying what are often the four most important words we can say: "maybe I was wrong".

    I think reflection is when we are best demonstrating the ability to do what the Father wants us to do, "be still and know that I am God"