Monday, July 13, 2009

Cherish God's Word

As a Christian we're supposed to like the Bible. That is a no-brainer. The real question is: do we cherish it? Do we love it? A quote that really spoke to me this morning was by Charles H. Spurgeon

He says, "Happy are we to have God's Word always to guide us! What is the manner without the compass? And what is the Christian without the Bible? This is the unerring chart, the map in which every shoal is described, and all the channels from the quicksands of destruction to the haven of salvation mapped and marked by One who knows all the way."

Get into the Scriptures this morning and let them guide you, let God speak to you through them. Memorize Scripture, let it get down deep into your heart. Right now John Griffin and I are doing a Scripture Memory challenge together where we are memorizing Scripture with each other and testing each other. I challenge you to do the same. We are using the Navigators Scripture Memorization study called: Topical Memory System. If you're interested, join in. 

Whatever you do, cherish God's Word


  1. So timely, Erik. As you know there's a lot of good going on right now. But I think Satan likes to attack my mind at night when I'm exhausted and not as "on gaurd."

    Growing up in Christian schools back in CA we had to memorize verses every week. So like, K-8th this was my life. Now when I read my Bible I rediscover some of those passages-- I mean sometimes I had to memorize the entire chapter.

    The other day I came across a Psalm that had several different songs we sang and "memory verses" from my childhood. It was a comfort that day. However, last night when I was tired and my mind weak, those verses I learned SO many years ago came back to me as if I memorized them yesterday. I just repeated them again and again in my mind until I fell asleep. Obviously, the comfort was even stronger then.

    God's word is not only a compass we can't live without. It is also the "sword of the Spirit," which is part of the armor of God. I can only imagine Satan kicking the dirt and stomping off when he realizes he can't get to me because I believe in God's promises AND truly KNOW and SPEAK them.

  2. What happends to alot of us is that we allow the perceived lack of time to steal those moments of relishing and cherishing the Word of God.

    Truly, there is a need to brace one's self against the tide of over extending ourselves to the point that we suddenly wonder why we are so weak in knowing the Truths that sustain us

    Better yet, realize that time is precious and taking that time slot to read the Word, to consider the Truths you have read, and to take it deep in our hearts as Erik said, will change our lives forever.

  3. Good stuff E. I would like to start doing this with my team as well, since we are going to be moving into the whole "accountability partner" thing. It may be a great opportunity to have us hold each other accountable to being in the word. Thanks for the idea!