Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gear Up

Last night we had our first "Gear Up" class at The Journey. It is similar to what we have done in the past with our Journey 101 class, except this time we are diving a lot deeper into the inner-workings of the church, our vision, and how people can be involved. Last night we had over 17 people from the church come to hear about who the Journey is, what we are trying to accomplish, where are we going, and how can you get involved. It is so exciting to see people who are new catch the vision and understand who we are. They were nodding and I could the light-bulbs going off in their head as I spoke. 

One of the major elements I spoke about was our disciple-making mission. Every church will claim to want to make disciples, but not every church has real definition and plan for how to make that disciple. At the Journey, our definition of a disciple of Jesus is: a person who is pursuing the Presence of God, seeing the world through the Perspective of God, and living for the Purposes of God. This is what we are about. Our Catalyst Worship Gathering on Sunday's is Presence environment, our small groups that meet through the week is a Perspective environment, and our ministry teams and outreach events are our Purposes environment. That is what we are about. It is also how you know what your next step is. If you attend the Journey and are looking for the next step, come to a small group. If you are not coming to the Journey but are interested, come to a Catalyst Worship Gathering. 

You can always measure the health of the church by the number of new families that come. If last night is an indication, then we are in good shape. 

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  1. We enjoyed ourselves and left the meeting feeling good about where God has brought us. The honesty and authenticity that we see from The Journey leadership is refreshing and inviting. May God continue to open up doors to move and build relationships for His glory.