Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Readjusting Your Swing

Last night Kaleb and I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls. I texted a friend who lives near to the range and asked him if he wanted to meet us there...he also happens to be a really good golfer. As we are hitting balls he begins to migrate over to where I am to watch me hit. He is noticed the "hiccups" in my swing that are keeping me from hitting the ball the way I could. He begins to make some adjustments to my grip, my stance, and a couple of other things. Before you know it, I'm hitting the ball pretty good. Once I got my driver out and started working on it, it all went downhill again. We worked on it until we ran out of balls and he left me with this statement, "You going to have to work on it. The changes won't be as awkward if you keep doing them."

Let me ask you a question: Are there things you are doing in your life right now that are the equivalent to having a bad grip or wrong stance? Are there some things in your life that are keeping you from living at the highest level? Something I realized last night is that making adjustments in your life is not easy, just like making adjustments in your swing is not. It helps to have people in your life who know what they are talking about who can point things out to you to help you, not ridicule you. We also have to commit to practicing these new habits and lifestyle consistently or we naturally fall back into doing what we know. More often than not, doing what we know will lead to nasty slices and shanks.


  1. Well said Erik . It is strange how we can go through a day and not even realize how,we might have veered
    off the path that we intended to be on for that day . However as you said when we look back on it.We can see the mistakes we may have made and build on it .They say its always a good idea to read the directions !. Great thoughts Erik and thanks for bringing it real

  2. Golf is a game of habit. A good swing is a habit; and so is a bad swing. Major or minor adjustments can cause temporary fixes, but until the adjustments become habit, we're back to "what we know and are comfortable with". A good swing can develop into a bad swing if our bad habits start to creep back in over time. It's so subtle you never see it coming.

    This is why we have to be vigilent in all things. Golf, relationships, spirituality. It's the little habits or comforts we are so used to that can creep back in and turn a good swing into a bad one.

    Vigilence is the key. We must always be aware of where we are at in our endeavors... and be ready to make corrections. You can rest assured that the enemy is vigilently watching us and waiting to pounce.