Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

Today was an incredible day at The Journey. Even though it is summer, and that is traditionally lower attendance months, not today. Today was one of our biggest crowds we've ever had, Easter included. God is doing some amazing things and I'm thrilled to simply be a part of it. But you know what? Its more than about numbers. Numbers are important because numbers represent people, and people matter deeply to God and should matter deeply to us. But attendance is not our number one priority. Crowds gather for everything: concerts, sporting events, etc. We don't want to simply gather a crowd, we want to see lives transformed. I feel today could have been one of those days where that happened. Talking about joy in the midst of suffering is serious business. It isn't the easiest message to give. My heart has been burdened all week and was again today. My prayer for today is: God, use the words spoken to draw all people unto Yourself. May Your joy be manifested in our lives, despite what circumstances and trials we may face

It was a great day today Journey Church. We had an awesome Summer Celebration gathering tonight and had a great turnout. Lots of food and fellowship...even had some Cornhole games going. The best is yet to come Journey Church. If we continue in faithfulness to pursue the things of God's heart, we will have a lasting impact on this community. To God be the Glory!

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  1. It really was a blessing to see that as many people showed up to fellowship and eat together as showed up for church that morning. That means as a community we value and enjoy each other as much after church as we do during church.

    That encourages me.