Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute to Michael Jackson

This is how I like to remember Michael Jackson. The dude was an icon, I still love hearing some of his early music. Oh yeah, and don't forget the moonwalk!


  1. I remember seeing him at the very beginning of his career. So much talent! What struck me most after hearing various news stations report his death was that nobody was openly distraught.I was a little girl when JFK was killed and have seen reactions upon hearing of other famous people's deaths like Elvis,Princess Di...I just remember there was sobbing and people falling on their knees with grief.
    I believe he was a VERY SAD person and no amount of money or fame seemed to fill the hole he had in his heart.The sick thing in this is all the so called friends that have come out of the woodwork to get their few minutes of attention on their own forgotten lives by bashing MJ.Don't speak ill of the dead!
    Of course I am from the conspiracy era so I am of the mind the doctor is involved like Marilyn Monroe's, and Anna Nicole Smith's doc's were.

  2. I like to remember the Michael that I knew, which was the litte boy with the amazing voice from the jackson 5. those songs were some of the earliest songs I remember learning to sing to.

    Michael was an amazing talent who seemingly somehow lost control of reality. Like Elvis, like Howard Hughes...what makes people who are so talented, so privileged become so tragic?

    The good thing about Michael Jackson is that his musical contribution will be around for generations after the jokes and bashes on him personally have subsided.

    In the end, there is the talent and the gift. That's what I will remember most about Michael.

  3. Agreed guys...he was immensely talented and immensely lost. I don't necessarily mean that he wasn't a "Christian" (which is probably the case), but that he was in search for his identity, even though he is one of the most famous people of all time. Think about it, this man who everybody loved and adored continuously tried to alter himself and his looks so that he met some ideal that he had in his mind that would "really" make him happy. I'm afraid he never found it.

    Michael got me home many of nights with his Thriller album as I drove from Ft Bragg, NC to Nashville. His music will indeed live forever.