Friday, June 19, 2009

Living Faith

A lot of people talk about "having faith," but some people's faith is based on a belief system or a one-time decision for Christ. Living faith is when we not only trust God for our salvation when we surrender our lives to him, it is when we live each moment by a type of faith that believes things change when we pray, healing and miracles still happen if we open our eyes and open our minds, and that God is still active today. A living faith doesn't see the Scriptures as the story of what happened back then, but sees the Scriptures as the origins of our story that is still being written today. 

A living faith is less about some prayer you prayed years ago and is more about how God is transforming you right now. Faith that is real, living, and active is the kind of faith the world needs to see. A faith that spouts off dogmatic statements and creeds is not living, but dead. Those who choose that kind of faith live in graveyards. 


  1. Great post!!! Sorry for lack of comments...been an insane time out of town...should get back early this evening!

  2. Erik, Love the post! It is so refreshing to hear a pastor/preacher/teacher lay things on the line in black and white like you do man! I want to encourage you to press on with the word the Lord has given you. It is truly a blessing!
    Faith without action is dead! James 2:17 We must act! Love has come for our salvation but it does not end there. God wants us to trust him in EVERYTHING! Even the little small things. Gavin fell and messed up his tooth day before yesterday. We were obviously upset. I held him that night and prayed for him and told the Lord. "The effectual fervant prayer of a righous man avails much" as your Word says and that I a rightous through Christ and I have faith that the Father loves me and my son and wants him to be healed. I had faith that God could heal my son in our time of need The next morning the gum was growing back and the dentist said "suprisingly" it is going to get bettter. I thank God he still does, "suprisingly" for his children if we just have faith in him and "act"!