Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reading Challenge: Acts 21

We are coming up on the home stretch of the study. We have already seen some amazing things happen as Paul and Barnabas travel the Mediterranean world. I hope you are learning much from our early Christian brothers and sisters.

Today's readings are from Acts 21

There are many things in this passage that could be discussed. For me there were two major images that I could not get past: 1. the group praying on the beach together. 2. Paul reminding those trying to keep him from going to Jerusalem after he received the prophecy of his fate that "the Lord's will be done." 

I love the image of Paul and the disciples of that region on their knees at the beach praying for Paul. It an image that imagine was filled with tears, laughs, and earnest pleading to the Lord. I envy their connectedness to each other, and I long for their willingness to humble themselves before the Lord and petition Him. I also like Paul's resolve to do God's will despite the dangers facing him. It didn't matter to him that his life was in jeopardy as he went to Jerusalem. Even when his companions were trying to keep him from going forward, he had to remind them of what mattered most: obedience, not safety

What things stood out to you?


  1. My heart goes out to Paul. He suffers injury and insults from peple who don't know the truth about what he is doing. still, he is steady onward, unwavering in his committment to the Gospel. Paul is an inspiration.

  2. In verse 14 I thought it was cool when they couldn't convince Paul to not go to Jerusalem; they said "The Lord's will be done."

    Having followed some crazy God loving leaders into some places I wasn't sure about, I respect the whole "Lord's will be done" thing.

    It's like when we get into a situation we don't want to be in and we are unsure of the outcome, we say, let His will be done. Wonder if we said that from the get go?

  3. Brethern, Evangelist, Prophetessess, prophet,disciples an amazing array of believers were along the trail. Reminds us that we are not alone when we travel for Him throughout our daily lives.

    It still amazes me that the Jerusalem leaders were still trying to find that balancing act with Jewish believers. Of course it does not say that believing Jews attacked him, but rather "the Jews of Asia." Still something to think about....