Friday, June 19, 2009

Reading Challenge: Acts 18

Happy Friday to everyone. Glad you are today. I hope the reading challenge is inspiring and revealing to you as see the origins of the early church and watch how the events unfolded. There is so much to be learned from.

Today's reading is from Acts 18

This chapter demonstrates how quickly things were moving as they preached the message of Jesus. They were continuously traveling and trying to get to as many places as possible. One of the more interesting thing that stood out to me is the fact that God was bringing people to Paul who will later continue pushing forward the message even after Paul's arrest. Last chapter we seen Timothy come to Paul. This chapter we have Aquila and Priscilla from Corinth. And from Ephesus Apollos comes. It just reminds me that the more we look to serve God and the more we are willing to be obedient to His mission, He will provide laborers for the harvest. He did it for Paul and will do it for us.

Your thoughts on this chapter?


  1. "And he settled there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them."

    We often do not think about time as we read the Scriptures. There are seasons of work that God has us to do and it is those times that others may not know what we are doing,but God does. We have small windows of God's larger picture.

    "....they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately."

    We all can learn more no matter how much we think we know !

    Apollo was eloquent...mighty in the Scripures...fervent in spirit.

    May we all be receptive to learning from others...for the end result will be

    "..He helped greatly those that had believed through grace."

  2. After being a part of a few church plants, I do know how much time, work, frustration and exhileration is involved. We see Paul anad often think he waltzed into town and just started a major church!

    Paul worked while he was in town (verse 3), he got so frsutrated that he wanted to stop preaching to Jews altogether (verse 6) and he was dragged before court for preaching his faith.

    It's hard to start a movement. It takes time, it takes work, it takes tears, but mostly, it takes a willingness to serve the Master.

  3. All I have to add today is I appreciate all the comments and this process. This was a harder chapter to read...maybe ADD is in full force or maybe it's just that it's not terribly exciting. Once I read your comments, though, it drew out a lot more meaning. Thanks. :)

  4. This is one of those chapters that it is sometimes hard to pull a "gem" out of for discussion. However, I think sometimes we try to overanalyze things and make something out of them that they are not. I too, believe that this chapter is what Todd talked about. It is about the diligence and hard work of spreading the gospel.

    Paul saw it as his life's work to propagate the church. I believe that this chapter goes to pointing out the effort and hard work that Paul put into it. I think it also goes to show us that, no matter how hard we try to reach some people, they will choose to turn away. Even Paul washed his hands of those who were stubborn and wouldn't believe. I think as part of planting a church, or even growing a church, we must realize that we will always have opposition. And while God's will may be for many of them to eventually turn to Him, we can't allow ourselves to get bogged down continuously chase after those who turn away. Don't hear me say that I don't think we should try to reach those people with due diligence. I just think we have to realize that we can't get sidetracked from the mission, which is to bring the message to as many people that we can. As hard as it may be, we may sometimes have to do as Paul did... shake the dust from our clothes and move on, and continue to pray for those who have turned away.

  5. Nice thoughts Robbie. Like that take.

  6. I guess I do tend to think too much and talk too much,so I'll keep this short and simple.Reading the chapter in the hospital today verse 9+10 stuck out to me.God promises Paul he will not be set on by any man to be hurt.And that God had many people there to help.Others were getting beaten,but Paul was spared that for now.God knows us,our limitations,needs..and He provides people in that city to be a help.Everybody has their own style in teaching and preaching and what doesn't appeal to one may to another.I saw this as a time where God encouraged Paul.He had accomplished so much, but there was still more to do.
    Todd-you're right about the work involved.We do tend to think Paul just waltzed into town and started churches.
    Like elder James said-seasons