Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

This was by far the most exciting day I have been a part of since being in ministry. It was an amazing Easter Sunday at The Journey. I was so grateful for all the hard work everyone put in to prepare the service and to invite people to be there. We had all-time record numbers today and many who made decisions to follow Jesus. I give God all the praise for what He did.

I started my teaching series: Everyday Jesus. I hope to continue over the next four weeks to describe what it looks like to walk in a relationship with God. I want to focus on how we can move from simply believing in God and move to knowing God. Today I wanted to layout the foundations of the series by describing how the death and resurrection of Jesus made a relationship with God even possible. I wanted to dive into the death and resurrection at a deeper level and try to extract the details that give it such meaning. The details matter. If we can truly understand the Easter events I believe that Christians would live their faith much more avidly than simply being seasonal church attendees. You can watch the sermon online sometime this week or any other sermon from the past several series here.

You do not want to miss the rest of this series. We have some really cool features that we are about to incorporate into the services. You will have to be there to find out what they are. Also, baptisms are next week and we have many who are stepping into the waters to be baptized. Providence campus is a 11am service beginning next week - don't forget. Have a good night Journey peeps, I'm honored to serve as your pastor.

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