Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

It was an awesome day today! I felt everyone was engaged in the service today and I even seen people who had been there last week for the first time. We also had new guests at both campuses who came because people who came last week had invited them...too cool! As I reflect about today's services at The Journey I feel a since of excitement and anticipation well up inside of me. Several things happened today that I want to continue to see happen:

* We had an original song the band opened the service with that Molly McNeil wrote and performed. She even found a way to include "savage" in the lyrics. I would love to see more Journey originals emerge as we move forward and God inspires songs from our hearts

* The principal of West Elementary gave us a farewell thank-you and good-bye since it is our last day to meet there. It was so encouraging to hear her say how much we have been a blessing to her and the school. I hope that everywhere we go, we continue to hear that said of our church

* We used a new element in the service today with the interactive video portion of the message. I would love to hear your feedback on whether or not you liked the video segment being during the sermon. Did it work? Did it get your attention? Give us feedback

Next week we are having both services (9am and 11am) at the Rutland Campus and will continue to do so until the new building is ready...we are hoping for May 17th. Also, we have baptisms next week, get there early to get a seat. I love you Journey Church...keep asking God to change our hearts and we will continue to reach people that most never will.

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  1. Erik- A woman that I have been inviting to Church for months came to the West service today, and she commented on how she had felt like she was being called to come this morning. She has been out of Church for a while, but really felt guided by the service. I expect to see her more regularly.
    I heard 3 comments, all positive, on the video teaching, and I, too, feel it was a nice feature. Molly